Reflecting on 2017: Best of Children & Families

The crux of my business is spent with children reaching milestones, and their families. This is so much fun to spend time (usually year after year) with people who become friends, and getting to watch their babies grow up. It isn't without challenges but there's usually an even sweeter reward when the session turns out great despite it all! 

Reflecting on 2017: Best of Love

To say this is a "best of" post is unfair. My opinion of favorites changes quite often. So let's call it a highlight reel from the last year!

See below for some snaps of love through my lens. And by the looks of it, our forevers can happen at any age! 

Brian + Gerard

Summer is over, so let's restart it, ok? Back just as the anticipation of warm weather was on the horizon, Brian and Gerard solidified a long, beautiful relationship and became husband and husband. It was an intimate group, where they dined among memories full of celebration, celebrity, and wine, LOTS of wine. If those walls could talk... 

Brotherly Love

There is amazement in every single part of becoming/being a parent. And then you have another, and the wonder starts all over again, this time as you watch your baby become a sibling. There isn't much sweeter in the world than watching your children together. 


It's such a beautiful thing to create a family, and to have your family grow by another sibling. To also get to share this experience with your own siblings, that is something truly incredible. 

Jennifer & Matthew

I can't complain about the wedding industry, because without it, I would work a lot less, but there's something to be said about simple, backyard weddings. They still require a lot of preparation, but they're so unique, intimate, and full of nothing but love. That is what Jen & Mat's felt like.

The Speedy Family

Baby boy number three has arrived! Blake is so lucky to join this loving family. Cole and Gage will make the BEST big brothers to Blake.