Reflecting on 2018: Love

Next up: Love! It was hard not to choose pretty much every photo I take for the love category because that is what I most require in my images. But, I restricted this category to couples only. 

I find, when I shoot families, that most parents only want to be in a few images, if any. I usually have to ask for a snap of the parents alone and looking back, they aren’t that creative. That needs to change! Be warned 2019 parents, I want more love between you as well!

I don’t shoot too many weddings on my own. But in addition to my own business, I also work in the industry with Off Beet Productions, shooting almost 20 weddings in 2018! So, to answer your question, YES, I do weddings!!

Reflecting on 2017: Best of Love

To say this is a "best of" post is unfair. My opinion of favorites changes quite often. So let's call it a highlight reel from the last year!

See below for some snaps of love through my lens. And by the looks of it, our forevers can happen at any age!